Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use.

By signing up to the terms and using the site you agree that every item you post on the site is that you own the content or have permission to post on the site. If you don't own the content and it is report your post will be deleted. If repeated offenders your account will be deleted.

You will be banned if you post anything rasist or any porngrapic images on the site with out any notice.  This site is set up for everyone to have a bit of banter so please don't take anything to serious. If we find anyone being to serious or acting in a behave which is deemed unacceptable we will give warnings and failure of behavour improving we will ban. If you do get offended by anything on the site feel free to report the post and a admin will review the post.

You are to use the site as banter only so please don't get offended. If any personal hated, bullying is not accepted on the site anyone found doing this will be removed and banned from the site for life.

You also agree that you will not pest other members on the site by spaming them with messages. Anyone caught doing this will be also banned without any notice.

These terms of use can be updated at anytime without notice. 

Any user may be removed or banned at anytime without warning our notice. 

Please enjoy the site and remember no hating just banter and don't get to personal


Last updated on 01/11/18